How do I receive my digital images?

The digital images that you have chosen from your gallery will be delivered to you via a download link which is emailed to you once you place your order.

What is a digital gallery or online gallery?

An online digital gallery is a protected web page that contains the edited, final copy of the images from your session. They are displayed for you in an organized, beautiful layout, and give you options to purchase products and save certain images as favorites.

Can I see all the images from my session?

No.  I may take several shots of a certain pose until I get it just how I want it. Part of the process to deliver you with the best quality is for me to eliminate any images that do not meet my artistic standards, and only present you with the best from your session to help you make your decision on what images you like best. I believe in quality over quantity, and I think you’ll be very happy with the images that are presented to you. Think of me as an author telling your story. When you buy a novel, you don’t get the rough draft… you want to read the author’s final copy.

Can I post my digital images on Facebook?

Yes. I do ask that you please include a photo credit in the caption of the photo or album. You can do this by saying “Photos by Crystal Clear Images” &  tagging me by putting my Facebook web address (www.facebook.com/crystalclearimages4), and/or my web address (www.crystalclearimages.org). Word of mouth is over 90% of my business, so if you love your images enough to put them up please spread the word about who took them for you.

What is a print credit?

Think of a print credit like a free coupon for a certain dollar amount. Each collection comes with a credit to purchase professional photography products with. The best part is, prints start at just $15! You can use your credit toward a large canvas of your favorite image.

Social Media & Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a huge part of my business! After a session, I will post a preview on Facebook. Tag it, and share it to help me spread the word about Crystal Clear Images, I appreciate it so much! I also write a personal blog about each session. You may also share that with your friends and family as well.

 What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is an app just like any other that you can download to your mobile device and have all the photos from your session right at your finger tips. It’s like an electronic brag book. You can share your images on Facebook, Pinterest, and email via your personal mobile app. When you are out and about, you can show friends and family your photos right from your phone.

What does “limited print release” mean?

A print release allows clients to make prints and other products from copywritten images. All images from your session are copywritten to Crystal L. Stall of Crystal Clear Images, which means that Crystal owns the rights to the images, they may not be sold for profit, or entered into contests. A limited print release limits the client’s rights for usage. Crystal Clear Images limits the rights to print images bigger than an 8×10 and requires any prints larger than that or any gallery wraps be printed via Crystal Clear Images and it’s professional lab for the highest quality to be delivered to you.